SW Engineer - Linux

8 Months
Job Overview
You will be joining the Linux Image team, working on triaging and debugging software failures and stability issues on Android on our mobile MSM chipset family. The Image team is closely knit, agile workgroup of Triage and Stability engineers reporting directly to the Android Software Lead to drive to closure all issues leading up to commercial launches of our Android solutions. Tasks include: - Triaging software failures on the Android software stack. - Investigation and debugging stability problems that are identified by the test teams. - Identifying, verifying, and propagating fixes for the software failures. - Working closely with development teams to support the fix process. - Working closely with Android software leads to resolve all software issues gating commercial launches. - Supporting teams outside the Android team on all dependencies. - Supporting our customers when required to resolve launch-gating issues.
Minimum Qualifcation
Proven ability and interest in debugging complex embedded software systems. - Strong background in Computer Science and fundamentals of debugging embedded software. - Good working knowledge of C, C++ and Java. - Strong ability to solve problems in a non-linear fashion. - Prior experience with Android and/or Qualcomm MSM software platforms is a plus. - Technical understanding of Wireless Applications and Network Interactions with Handsets e. g., browser, messaging, email, app downloads, etc. is highly desired. - Proven ability to develop and debug Android applications is highly desired. - Experience with git and Android build systems is highly desired. - Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required - Mature interpersonal skills with an ability to collaboratively work with many varied teams and resolve problems spanning many disciplines - Proven ability to work in a dynamic, multi-tasked environment
Required: Bachelor's, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science Preferred: Master's, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science

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